What is an Ercol 203 chair – the video


Some time ago I posted a short article about the Ercol 203 chair and how to differentiate it from some of its close relatives. This has been our most read blog by far.

Earlier this week I realised that we had some examples of these close relatives in the workshop, in various stages of restoration. – so this seemed to be an ideal time for a quick video that I hope will provide more information to anyone wanting to identify their Ercol armchair. The pieces I have used are the 203, 334, 335 and 204.


Ercol 335 armchair


In my original blog I went into some more detail about other Ercol Windsor armchairs and I also gave various dimensions to help with identification. You can have a look at that blog here

You can view the video on our new YouTube channel here

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