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After successful marketing and PR careers in London, a move to Sussex was the catalyst for setting up The Andrews Partnership.

Beyond the office, we’d always been quietly creative: making and restoring things and nurturing a passion for midcentury furniture. Penny’s childhood home was dominated by Ercol and Scandinavian furniture, Danish lighting and ceramics. This heritage has become the hallmark of the business.

No longer commuting and travelling, we’ve developed a business to channel our creative skills and showcase midcentury style.

Simon’s enthusiasm for furniture shows in his expertise as a restorer: he now sources and restores furniture to its former glory. As an experienced upholsterer, Penny’s skills are a perfect complement, allowing us to work together on many projects.

We thoroughly enjoy our business and all things midcentury furniture: if you share our passion or would like to find out more, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Ercol restoration
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  • Then Andrews Partnership - Midcentury Chairs
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  • ercol cushions and covers
    Ercol cushions and covers
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  • ercol 203 armchair
    Ercol Furniture
    The home of Ercol furniture Our Collection of beautifully restored Ercol furniture from The Andrews Partnership, the UKs leading restorer and reupholsterer of Ercol furniture. pieces. Ercol Windsor Armchair: Replacement Wool Cushions & Covers £315.00 Ercol Windsor 203 Sofa: Replacement Cushions & Covers £475.00 Vintage Ercol Windsor Chair in Soft Green £645.00 Vintage Ercol: Compact 203/2 Seat Sofa in Soft Grey £1,050.00 Vintage Ercol Armchair with Exclusive Print Covers £695.00 Pair of Ercol Windsor Armchairs in Soft Green £1,195.00 Ercol 203 Armchairs in Soft Grey £1,195.00 Vintage Ercol 203 Two Seat Sofa in Soft Green £1,050.00 Vintage Ercol Armchair & Matching Footstool in Soft Green £945.00 Vintage 203 Windsor Armchair in Bright Blue £595.00 Ercol 203 Windsor Armchair with Pure Wool Covers £695.00 Vintage 203 Armchair with Natural Linen Weave Covers £675.00
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