Sofas and Studio Couches

Our Collection of beautifully restored Ercol Sofas and Studio Couches

Each piece of Ercol furniture that we sell is restored to order and finished with your chosen cushions and covers. The frame will have been sanded to a fine finish and then several coats of oil and wax are applied by hand. New Pirelli webbing is fitted. Cushions are made to our own templates, using the same foam as the Ercol originals. Then they are covered in your chosen fabric which is cut and machined to ensure a perfect fit.

The gallery below shows some examples of our work – but don’t feel constrained – your final choice is limited only by your imagination.

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Ercol 203/2 - Moon Parquet Denim pure wool - £1,395

Ercol 203/2 - Moon Melton Apple pure wool - £1,395

Ercol 203/2 - JAB Troy Green - £1,395

Ercol 203/2 - Linwood Juno Teal - £1,295

Ercol 203/2 - Linwood Lana Night - £1,395

Ercol 203/2 - Andrews Partnership soft grey - £1,195