Ercol Recover - How it Works


Our Ercol Recover service is flexible, easy to use and means you can have virtually any fabric on your furniture: it’s as individual as you are.

All our cushions are made from the highest quality foam and are cut to our own templates based on Ercol’s originals. All our covers are handmade in our workshop to the highest standards.

As we’re making cushions and covers from your choice of fabric, it’s not easy to give a standard price – the cost depends on the fabric you choose.

As a guide, a set of cushions and new covers in a mid-range fabrics is around £295.00. For a 203/2 sofa, the cost is around £460.00.



After an initial discussion, we’ll send you lots of samples based on your preferences, along with the cost for using each one on your chair or sofa. Once you’ve made a choice, we’ll give you a final quote and then schedule the cushions and covers into our workshop.

Depending on your location, we can deliver and fit the finished cushions or we’ll courier them to you. All our cushions and covers come with detailed care instructions too.

We can provide new cushions and covers for most of Ercol’s furniture ranges. If you’re not sure which model you have, just send us an image and we’ll identify it and give you a cost accordingly.

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And we replace Ercol webbing too


In addition to replacing your cushions and covers, our Ercol Recover service also covers replacing the webbing (rubber straps) on your Ercol chairs and sofas.

As a guide, the cost for a 203 armchair is £75.00 and for a 203/2 sofa, the cost is around £150.00

We always use top quality Pirelli rubber webbing and provide a full replacement. We can collect your chair or sofa, replace the webbing and return it to you.

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