Any Fabric You Like - But Which One Do You Choose....

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Being able to choose any fabric for your Ercol chairs gives you the ultimate choice, but with so many wonderful fabrics available, it can be a tough decision.

It’s fantastic news if you love fabric and know exactly what you’re looking for. But if you’re not a fabric whizz or haven’t looked at fabrics for a while, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the vast array on offer.

Our Ercol Recover service helps you navigate through your fabric options. It’s about find the right fabric for you, not just colour but the style, design and how fits in your living space.

Every time you see your new cushions at home, we want you to love them and think how wonderful they look – not wish you’d chosen something else.

Whether it’s a whole new interior or replacing one cover on your Ercol chair, we offer the same comprehensive, personal service.

Perhaps you’re redesigning your living space, but aren’t quite sure what you want or how to achieve it. Just send us a few pics of your space, outline the colours you like (and don’t like) and we can get started.

We can discuss your plans too, whether you’d prefer a gentle evolution or a want to something more radical.  We’ll then suggest colours and fabric styles and send you samples so you can see them in your own surroundings.

Maybe you want a more contemporary look for some Ercol that you’ve inherited or your chairs need a bit of updating. Using your existing interiors, we can use a rug, an artwork or picture window as the inspiration for new colours and styles.

This can revitalise your room without completely changing its character.

Whether your dog loves the comfy Ercol armchair or your cat’s favourite snoozing spot is the sofa, there will be a  a fabric that can handle can their affections!  Just because a fabric is hardwearing doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful or stylish.  Many fabrics now feature stain proofing, water resistance and durability, so there’s no need to compromise on looks or comfort.

Most importantly, there is no right or wrong choice. The fabric that’s right for you will look great, work perfectly in its surroundings and your lifestyle.

Whilst our service is comprehensive, it’s not a time-consuming process.  After an initial conversation, we’ll send you a selection of samples for you to consider. Based on your comments, we’ll send you as many selections as you need – until we’ve found the one for you.

If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, it can be easier to see a whole variety fabrics at the same time. If you’d prefer this option, why not make an appointment and visit our workshop to browse our fabric collections.

On the other hand, if you want to move ahead immediately and know exactly which fabric you want to use, let us know: we can source it for you quickly and easily.

Maybe you have some fabric already and you’d like us to use it on your Ercol furniture. We’re more than happy to do so, as long as it’s suitable for upholstery.

If you’d like more information, to progress or an idea or would just like a chat, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Just call or email Penny or click below to contact us

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